Soule Homestead Education Center

Middleborough, Massachusetts has a rich agricultural history and to this day takes great pride in its local farms and fields. According to local historian and author, Michael Maddigan, and the Middleborough Historical Association, in the book, Images of America: Middleborough, the “initial basis for the prosperity of Middleborough had been agriculture…” 

During post-Civil War expansion, Augustus Soule established one of the many prosperous dairy farms in Middleborough. That farm remained active until the 1980s when it was purchased by the Town of Middleborough and leased to the Soule Homestead Education Center. Now, Soule Homestead is a non-profit organization formed specifically to restore the farm and develop it into an agro-ecology education center. The farm is once again playing an active, vital role in the community, teaching children and adults alike about their connections with the earth.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Jacquelyn Photography and Design.