NRP Productions "Taming of the Shrew" Auditions Director's Character Descriptions



Open Auditions at rehearsal studio: 11B North Main Street (Rt 105) Middleboro,MA


Taming of the Shrew (abridged) by William Shakespeare

Directed by Andrew Child


There will be an emphasis on the physicality of the actors therefore auditioners must be able to move easily.


Sunday, May 21st 7pm and Monday, May 22nd 7pm


Show dates: August 11,12,13,18,19,20 7pm Outdoor setting at historical site


KATHARINA: (W) The titular shrew. Strong-willed and overtly opinionated. Katharina Minola is the feisty, beautiful eldest daughter of the rich Paduan Baptista Minola.

PETRUCHIO: (M) The titular tamer. Stubborn, masculinity personified. Confident Petruchio may not have a lot of money, but he has determination and hubris to make up for it.

BAPTISTA MINOLA: (M) Father to Katharina and Bianca. Resolute in his devotion to social customs. Baptista is very invested in the future of his two daughters, Katharina and Bianca. 

LUCENTIO: (M) One of Bianca’s young suitors. Wily, crafty, and ultimately successful. 

BIANCA/ GRUMIO:(W) Katharina’s fair, beautiful sister. Femininity personified. A beautiful, sweet, beguiling young woman, Bianca has high expectations - for others. / Petruchio’s servant. Curmudgeonly and easily befuddled.

HORTENSIO: (M) One of Bianca’s young suitors. Firm in his masculine prowess.

GREMIO/ SERVANT/ LUSTY WIDOW: (M) One of Bianca’s young suitors./ Comedic interpolator./ Feisty, old woman.

TRANIO: (M/W) Lucentio’s servant. A source of sanity and wisdom amidst the chaos.


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