Oliver Estate 2017 Tour Schedule

As we enter the 2nd season at the Historic Oliver Estate 445 Plymouth St. Middleborough, MA, activity abounds. We are far into restoration of the house with grants from the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the Cultural Facilities Fund, the Favrot Foundation and Our local CPC. We also have a full season of events scheduled for everyone.  Whether it’s history, ghosts or nature that you love, the Oliver Estate has something to offer to everyone. Here is a list of events for October that you’re sure to enjoy.  

Public Ghost Tours - check back for an updated listing of upcoming tours to be scheduled.  Admission is $20.  

The Oliver Estate continues its popular ghost tours where vistors have a brief historic tour of the house, witness paranormal evidence that has been collected from previous tours and conduct their own paranormal investigation with our team. All proceeds go directly to the Oliver Estate for maintenance and restoration.  Please check back again as we will be scheduling additional monthly tours for Dec - April.

Novice Night tours.   Check back for updated tours.  Tickets are $30.

If you’re interested in becoming an actual Paranormal Investigator, join us for one of our Novice Nights where our professional team of ghost hunters will  take you on an in depth investigation throughout the house and grounds using state of the art equipment and investigative techniques. Limited to 15 attendees for a minimum of 3 hours and scheduled once monthly.

History Day Tours  Admission is free but donations are greatly appreciated

If history is your interest, the Oliver Estate will be open this coming summer season for tours of the historic property. Take a look back in history and admire the furnishings and architecture of this pristine 1769 estate.

For information about any of our tours, please email us at discovermiddleborough@gmail.com, check us out on https://www.facebook.com/OliverHouseMA, call 774-766-6335 or go to www.discovermiddleborough.com.

Tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/public-ghost-tour

Parking for all events at the Oliver Estate is available at the Estate, 445 Plymouth St., or at the KOA directly across Plymouth St.   We have staff on site directing you when you arrive.