Key Contacts

Have questions about Middleborough, Massachusetts' town services? Here's a list of key phone numbers and contacts for the Town of Middleborough...

Animal Control Officer

Animal Shelter/         Police Department

508-946-2455/ 508-947-1212
Animal Inspector Health Department 508-946-2408
Bills and Accounts Town Accountant 508-946-2313
Birth Certificates Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Building Permits Building Inspector 508-946-2426
Burial Permits Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Business Certificates Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Business and Industrial Commission Town Manager 508-947-0928
Civil Defense Fire Department 508-946-2461
Conservation Commission Conservation Agent 508-946-2406
Commission on Disability Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Death Certificates Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Department of Public Works Highway Department 508-946-2480
Dog Licenses Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Economic and Community Development Economic and Community Development 508-946-2402
Elections Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Elderly Services Council on Aging 508-946-2490 
Employment Town Manager 508-947-0928
Entertainment Licenses Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Fuel/Oil Storage Fire Department 508-946-2461
Health Health Department 508-946-2408
Housing Housing Authority 508-947-3824
Library Public Library 508-946-2470
Licenses Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Light and Power Gas and Electric Department 508-947-1371
Marriage Certificates Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Milk Inspections Health Department 508-946-2408
Playgrounds Park Department 508-946-2440
Plumbing/Gas Permits Plumbing/Gas Inspector 508-946-2426
Public Health Nurse Health Department 508-946-2408
Purchasing Town Manager 508-947-0928
Refuse and Garbage Collection Highway Department 508-946-2480
Road Opening Permits Building Department 508-946-2426
Schools School Department 508-946-2000
Board of Selectmen Selectmen's Office 508-946-2405
Sewer Permits DPW (Wastewater)/ Plumbing Inspector 508-946-2485/   508-946-2426
Tax Assessments Assessors 508-946-2410
Tax Collections Tax Collector 508-946-2420
Trees Tree Warden (DPW) 508-946-2480 
Town Planner Planning Department 508-946-2425
Veteran's Benefits Veteran's Agent 508-946-2407
Voting and Registration Town Clerk 508-946-2415
Water Water Department 508-946-2482
Weights and Measures Sealer 508-947-8461
Wiring Permits Wiring Inspector 508-946-2426
Zoning Board of Appeals 508-947-4095